Witch Cross

Da Witch Cross takket ja til å spille en gjenforeningskonsert på Keep it True i 2012, ante de ikke at de fortsatt hadde tilhengere over hele Europa. Den varme velkomsten ga dem blod på tann, og bandet bestemte seg for å satse på nytt. Jernverket gjorde et spontanintervju med guttene under Muskelrock i 2013. De fortalte om innspillingen av “Fit for Fight”, vanskene de møtte som dansk band på 1980-tallet, lattervekkende satanisme og sjansespillet som oppstår når en velger å gi ut helt nytt materiale, 30 år etter debuten.

Witch Cross er nå i ferd med å spille inn sitt andre album etter tilbakekomsten. De spiller på Muskelrock i Alvesta 30. mai.

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Spilleliste (tekst)
Dio – Stand Up and Shout
Witch Cross – Fight the Fire
Judas Priest – Bloodstone
TNT – Intuition
Twisted Sister -The Beast
Saxon – Denim and Leather
Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal
Witch Cross – Demon in the Mirror
Adrenaline Mob – Undaunted
Budgie – In the Grip of Tyrefitter’s Hand
Van Halen – Hot for Teatcher
Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Farewell Keep it True

I’ve had some wonderful times at Keep it True since my debut in 2011. An exclusive Griffin show, Satan and Witch Cross’s comebacks, Heavy Load finally playing live, stellar performances from Praying Mantis, Ashbury, Saracen, Cirith Ungol and this year’s Sabïre, Idle Hands and Vicious Rumors, just to mention a few. I’ve been traveling and staying with a group of 12–15 fellow Norwegians every year, and together we’ve made Keep it True a solid tradition. But now we’ve had enough. We are not coming back again.

Keep it True has never been a well-organized festival. The ticket sales system and the entrance line has been an absolute catastrophe every year. Changes made have only made it worse. We’ve spent hours and hours standing in line, sometimes losing the first (and second) band, other times still unable to get tickets.

Keep it True are not communicating with their audience when there are cancellations and rearrangements. At this year’s festival they showed no will to keep us posted about the Agent Steel situation. The audience waited for almost two hours and there were no excuses after the “show”. It’s not the first time John Cyriis has fucked up, but at least we got a good replacement the last time he did. The Candlemass gig was canceled last minute. Keep it True should have told us when they knew, not keeping us in the dark, letting rumors flow. The time schedule was changed on Saturday because of this, and Midnight’s spot was moved once, then back again. No information. Things like these have happened every year, mostly with headliners. Why are Keep it True even booking these unreliable time bombs again and again? They should’ve never gotten the chance!

Keep it True used to be a cheap festival. A few years ago the price of a ticket rose. Keep it True told us it was to keep the camping area free. Why should the ones staying outside the camp sponsor the ones staying in it? I’d be happy to pay a fee for camping if I were using the spot, but I’m not.

Keep it True decided to use rechargeable cards as the only valid payment option during the festival. It did not decrease the lines. It just added another one. Last year I waited two hours just to buy a card. And the paying process has not quickened compared to when we used cash.

Keep it True’s line-ups are getting less interesting each year. The posters are becoming repetitive. I love Cirith Ungol, but to have them headlining both days next year is a clear sign on lack of fantasy and guts. Keep it True’s focus in general is, weirdly enough, obscure American metal bands. Expensive to book and too often – too boring. Don’t tell us there aren’t enough good bands out there! As an example: Why does Keep it True ignore the Nordic metal scene? There are tons of bands fitting the Keep it True poster, but none of those are invited, though close, cheap, well-known and loved all over the world.

Keep it True are not welcoming to new bands within the hardrock, heavy, power and thrash metal scene. No wonder the audience’s age average is close to 60. I love that people older than 25 go to festivals, do not misunderstand me, but to keep the metal scene alive we need some fresh blood, or else we’ll all succumb to an eternal musical hell in just a few years.

Keep it True has never been good at taking criticism. Well-founded proposals and complaints about bookings, toilets, lines, ticket sales, prices, food and general communication with the festival audience are completely overlooked.

We have told you every year. You have not listened. Next year you can count 15 Norwegians less.

Helle Stenkløv
Hostess of Jernverket


Jernverkets intervju med Midnight begynner å bli noen år gammelt, nærmere bestemt seks sådanne, men historiene deres går aldri av moten. Ville de ha byttet publikum med Justin Bieber? Hvorfor gir de ut så mange samliser, splitter og demoer? Hvor bra er egentlig Ted Nugent? Hva skjedde da ei dame klatret opp på trommesettet deres under en konsert i Tyskland (video)?

Midnight spiller på Keep it True og rundt i Europa nå i april. I august kommer de tilbake for å opptre på Beyond the Gates.

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Spilleliste (tekst)
Midnight – Lust, Filth and Sleaze
Spinal Tap – Christmas With The Devil
Thin Lizzy – Emerald
Paul Stanley – Wouldn’t You Like to Know Me
Motörhead – The Chase is Better than the Catch
Judas Priest – Tyrant
Ted Nugent – Dog Eat Dog
Thin Lizzy – Sarah
Venom – Die Hard
Funeral Bitch – Most Wanted


Klokka var ett om natta, og Jernverket havnet i en backstagebuss på Muskelrock, sammen med britiske Satan. Brian Ross lovpriser Geri Halliwell og håner Elvis. Lyden av en buss som kjørte forbi holdt på å bli med på “Court in the Act”. Janick Gers burde ha spilt i Deep Purple. Keep it True holder ikke ord. Black Sabbath skulle ha kastet inn håndkleet før “13”. Saxon er bedre enn Iron Maiden. Det ble et helt vanlig nachspiel med helt spesielle gjester.

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Du kan høre Satans spilleliste ved å følge Jernverket på Spotify.

Spilleliste (tekst):
Satan – Siege Mentality
Geri Halliwell – It’s Raining Men
Judas Priest – Tyrant
Satan – Another Universe
Motörhead – Ace of Spades
Breed 77 – Individuo
T.Rex – Buick MacKane
Satan – The Fall of Persephone
Judas priest – Painkiller
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Motörhead – Overkill
Led Zeppelin – How Many More Times
Deep Purple – Speed King
Deep Purple – Highway Star
Rush – A Farewell to Kings
Disturbed – The Sound of Silence
Adele – Skyfall
Venom – Countess Bathory
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath