Midgardsblot Music Panel 2019

Jernverket was invited to participate in Midgardsblot’s Music Panel of 2019, Metal: past – present – future, together with Michael Berberian of Season of Mist, Ivar Bjørnson from ByNorse et al., Radio Rock‘s Suzanne Aabel and Dayal Patterson of Cult Never Dies. Jonathan Selzer, editor of Metal Hammer, was the session moderator.

Some points of discussion were:

  • Is metal’s strength rooted in the idea that bands are deeply aware of the genre’s history, and is there a new generation of bands who don’t see that continuity? What effect does that have on the scene as a whole?
  • Is metal a value system or is it a style? Can a band still be ‘metal’ if they’re not technically metal?
  • Metal is always evolving, but at what cost? How much change can metal take before it becomes something else?
  • The “Lords Of Chaos” movie was about a very important part of metal’s past. What are our opinions on the result?
  • We all go to both boutique festivals and larger festivals. Is there a difference in how they’re both going to find headliners in the future, and when is the apocalypse going to actually hit when there aren’t big headliners anymore?

There were also questions and comments from the audience.

Next year’s Midgardsblot Metal Festival will be held in Borre as usual, August 12th-16th 2020.

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